Peyton Manning Tops Bloomberg Businessweek.com’s Power 100 Ranking of the Most Powerful Athletes in Sports

Football dominates list with 27 players ranked in the top 100. NFL Quarterbacks Peyton Manning (No. 1), Tom Brady (No. 5) and Drew Brees (No. 7) listed in top 10.

Peyton Manning (No. 1), Shaun White (No. 2) and Tiger Woods (No. 3) top the Bloomberg Businessweek.com 2011 Power 100 ranking of the most powerful professional athletes in the U.S. To determine who the 100 most powerful athletes are on- and off-the-field, Bloomberg Businessweek.com teamed up with CSE, formerly known as Career Sports & Entertainment, an integrated sports and entertainment company that connects brands with fans; E-Poll Market Research; and Rick Horrow, president of Horrow Sports Ventures and regular contributor to Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg TV, to create the 2011 Power 100 list.

As the $750 billion business of sports grows, the stakes become higher, and the decisions more meaningful. Endorsement contracts become significantly more important for the player, the team, the brand, and the industry. The Power 100 rankings are based 50 percent on “on-field” performance using a variety of industry statistics and 50 percent on “off-field” measurements, such as endorsement deals, name awareness, appeal, influence, trustworthiness, and overall popularity. The most notable drops this year include controversial Tiger Woods dropping from No. 1 to No. 3 and LeBron James dropping from No. 2 to No. 11. Olympian Shaun White’s (No. 2) emergence on the list had largely to do with the fact that he excels in both a summer and winter extreme sports and crosses over to mainstream marketing with various endorsement deals. The top female athlete on the list is Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn (No. 13).

In addition, this year’s Power 100 rankings also emphasize the importance of team sports, with the NFL dominating the list with 27 players ranked in the top 100. NFL quarterbacks Peyton Manning (No. 1), Tom Brady (No. 5) and Drew Brees (No. 7) are all listed in the top 10. Major League Baseball came in second with the most athletes on the Power 100, with 23, followed by the NBA basketball (18), golf (7), motorsports (7), tennis (6), Olympics (5), hockey (3), soccer (2), boxing (1), cycling (1).



Rank         Name     Sport                              
1         Peyton Manning     Football                              
2         Shaun White     Olympics                              
3         Tiger Woods     Golf                              
4         Phil Mickelson     Golf                              
5         Tom Brady     Football                              
6         Shaquille O’Neal     Basketball                              
7         Drew Brees     Football                              
8         Lance Armstrong     Olympics                              
9         Albert Pujols     Baseball                              
10         Apolo Anton Ohno     Olympics                              
11         LeBron James     Basketball                              
12         Michael Phelps     Olympics                              
13         Lindsey Vonn     Olympics                              
14         Kobe Bryant     Basketball                              
15         Roger Federer     Tennis                              
16         Eli Manning     Football                              
17         Serena Williams     Tennis                              
18         David Beckham     Soccer                              
19         Dwyane Wade     Basketball                              
20         Lee Westwood     Golf



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