The profanity isn’t limited to the New York Jets-New England Patriots rivalry this week.

Baltimore Ravens LB Terrell Suggs wore a T-shirt on Wednesday with a crude message aimed at his opponent in Saturday’s AFC divisional playoff, the Pittsburgh Steelers. (See Suggs in the shirt here.)

Suggs spoke to reporters with a black shirt with yellow letters that read “Hey Pittsburgh.” Beneath the script was a purple hand extending its middle finger.

Told he might give motivation to his rivals, Suggs said (via the Baltimore Sun), “Do I seem worried? This game is going to be what it is regardless.

“It’s a physical dogfight, so I ain’t expecting nothing different. And this is the shirt I wore this morning. This is just the shirt I chose

It’s the latest hype Suggs has brought to the game this week. He called the meeting of the Steelers and Ravens “World War III” on Monday and said a day later that the game was the real Super Bowl.

Suggs said Wednesday that he doesn’t consider the Steelers, whom the Ravens are playing for the eighth time since 2008, a bigger rival than any other team.

“I don’t have any more animosity, any more beef with any one team in the NFL,” he said. “It’s just a rivalry game, a championship game, and let’s go.”


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