The Game Season 4 Episode 1 – Season 4 Premiere – I know most of you guys already got a chance to watch The Game season 4 episode 1 when it premiered last night on BET (especially since everyone on my Facebook was saying so) and it definitely did not disappoint. After almost a two year absence since it was canceled from the CW Network in 2009, it came back with an hour long season 4 premiere.

The Game season 4 episode 1 is titled “Parachutes: Beach Chairs.” The show basically picks up from where they would have left off two years ago. And yes, a lot has changed since then. Let’s go over the recap of The Game season 4 premiere.

Derwin and Melanie are now two years married with Melanie being a housewife and a step-mom to Derwin’s son. If you remember, she spent the previous few seasons studying to become a doctor. Of course, she has some suspicion that Derwin’s son isn’t really his so she decides to get a DNA test behind his back.

Elsewhere on the show, we see Tasha Mack dating a much younger guy named Donte. She tries to keep her true feelings for him low but ends up breaking out emotionally when she discovers his ex-girlfriend was Sheree from the show “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Meanwhile, we see Malik’s success getting to his head. He is currently sleeping with the majority owner of his team’s girlfriend (played by the hot Meagan Good) and he is pushing his best friend to the limits. He eventually gets caught by his friend Terrence who walks in on Malik in a Jacuzzi with the owner’s girlfriend and Terrence’s girlfriend.

Lastly, the ongoing battle between Jason and Kelly continue. They just got out of their divorce and they spend the entire episode trying to get each other even more upset.

Man, you have got to love how The Game season 4 premiere kicked off and I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoyed it. If you didn’t get a chance to watch The Game season 4 episode 1 on BET, I think they will be playing encore airings. You can also watch it online too.



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