Black Male Unemployment Comparable To The Great Depression

The government keeps claiming the economy is getting better and things are looking up.
Meanwhile the current job-loss rate among AfricanAmerican men is comparable to the Great Depression, according to the latest figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nearly one in five black men aged 20 or older is without a job.

The rate for black males is above 17-percent — numbers which are comparable to the Great Depression of the early 1930s — compared with white adult unemployment which is under 10-percent for both males and females in that group. At over 12-percent, joblessness for black women also skews above the national rate.

Roderick Harrison, of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, says, “Men in this recession, generally of all races, are getting hit harder than women particularly because of the loss of jobs in industries that have traditionally been male-dominated such as finance, construction, real estate, manufacturing. People with college degrees, with the exception of finance and real estate, have been better protected. They tend to have greater job stability.”


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